How to Keep Pests from your Pets

How to Keep Pests from your Pets

For animal enthusiasts, pets are considered to be their best friends. And their number one enemy are the pests that are lurking underneath our pet’s coat. Though we try our best to keep these pests away from our pets, they can somehow infiltrate them so a basic knowledge on how to rid these pests away is a must. When you walk your dog outdoor especially in a grassy and woody environment, always check him when you rich home for the ticks might come along with you. Remember “prevention is better than cure”. When you spotted these ticks, do not use chemicals immediately. You may use tweezers to get those ticks out from your dog’s skin or coat then place it in a jar with alcohol and seal it. Do not flush it in the toilet bowl for there is a possibility that they may come back with revenge.

Ticks are one of the parasites that resides in our pets especially on dogs. They usually attack during summer season because these parasites liked to be in a warm and dry environment. If you notice that your dog is suffering from irritation, anemia and skin damage, ticks might be the cause. Ticks may also bring more serious problems. They may carry harmful diseases to your dog such as tick-borne fever, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease so when you suspected that your dog has been infiltrated by ticks you must bring him to the veterinarian.

The symptoms that your dog has been attacked by ticks is that they became feverish and lethargic. Being choosy in foods, coughing and breathing hard are among the first symptoms. If you see these signs, then you must hurry and see a veterinarian.

Ear mites are pests that reside in our pet’s ears. Your pet having a hard time fighting these pests by biting are scratching their ears that may lead to infection. Another type of mites that makes our pet suffer is the Scabies. Scabies usually burrow the skin’s surface of your pet and lay their eggs there that causes your dog to have an intense itchiness and irritation. Scabies are contagious so if you found out that your dog is having them, it would be better to rush him into veterinarian to avoid the spread of the said pest.

The biggest problem arises from the inside of our pet’s body – the internal parasites. Internal parasites may hinder the development of our pets. They greatly decreases the ability of the animal’s body to absorb nutrients that may lead to improper growth and shortening the life of our pet. Among the most common internal parasites are the tapeworms. Tapeworms are usually passed on to our pet’s body through fleas or eating rodents. You would know that your dog is infected by tapeworms because of that rice- like substance that you could see on his anal part. So always check your pet’s behind especially when you noticed that he is overly interested in his behind.

Hookworms are also parasites that reside in your pet’s internal organs. They usually stay on your pet’s intestinal wall. When you see your pet is suffering from diarrhea with blood then your pet might be infected with hookworms.

Always keep your pet clean and visit the veterinarian in a regular basis. In this way you can monitor the health status of your pet.

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