How To Choose The Breed, Gender & Other Factors While Buying A Dog

Choosing A Dog

Most of us buy dogs for the craze we have for them. Some of us want a true companion, a friend or a loyal servant depending on our moods and needs. If you have a particular mindset for some breed, then you would obviously go for it without a second thought. However, even in that case you would surely be interested in knowing each and every characteristic of the breed you are going to share some good years of your life with.

On the other hand, if you wish to keep a dog merely as a pet, it is worthwhile spending sometime getting to know about various kinds of dogs in detail so that you can choose the one which fits best into your home.

Dogs are an idea companion and each breed has characteristic features which might work out to your advantage or disadvantage. It depends on your family atmosphere in general and what your personal needs from the dog are in particular.

There are two main traits you should look for while choosing your puppy; size and sex. The categories are detailed below.

Size: A big sized dog needs regular exercise and you must walk him two or three times a day. If you’re not willing or able to do this, selecting a smaller dog is a smarter decision. He will not need as much exercise and so will be more suitable for indoor life and small homes.

A big dog requires more space. Never dream of keeping a Great Dane in a two room apartment on the sixth floor. The shorter the space you have, the smaller the size of the dog you should settle for. The less energy you have to take care, the smaller the size. Another consideration is the feed.

A bigger dog needs more food and is relatively expensive compared to a smaller one. A big dog is kept as a guard dog, a deterrent to thieves and burglars. Though a small dof wit a big bark can be just as effective.

Keep are these factors in mind while selecting the size so as to suit your individual requirements.

Sex :- This is a rudimentary and crucial decision – whether to select a dog or a bitch. Don’t go by the stories contending the superiority of a male or a female. They have no scientific basis. The animal’s individual disposition varies irrespective of the sex. Generally, females have a sweeter disposition.

Females come in heat when they are ready to be mated, once they are between six months to one year of age, while males do not experience any such change.

"Horace started training bird dogs when he was eight years old. He once trained a boxer to point quail. It was the talk of the neighborhood. In his teen years he trained pointers and Irish Setters. He took an interest in Greyhounds and became very active in training these special animals and has been active in Greyhound adoption."