Four Surprising Poodle Facts!

Surprising Poodle Facts

Can you imagine- a team of Poodles racing across Alaska, or were you aware Poodles come in three varieties? Within the following article, even the most avid historian will discover Poodle facts that will leave him breathless!

They were Bred for the Water!

Surprising Poodle Facts to Leave you Breathless!

Most enthusiasts might relate today’s Poodle to a life of fame and Luxury, but this wasn’t their original purpose. Excellent swimmers, used by hunters to retrieve ducks and other birds from the water, Poodles were originally bred to work.

Other Poodle Facts

  • Elvis was a Poodle enthusiast, giving away many to the women he loved!
  • In the 1800’s, Poodles were often dressed up to participate in Circuses!

There are Three Forms of Poodle.

Surprising Poodle Facts to Leave you Breathless!

Three categories of Poodle exist: Standard, Miniature, and the less than ten inch Toy. The American Kennel Club considers all three to be one breed, these terms only describing the dog’s size.

Buyer Use Caution
Puppy mills and pet shops, exploiting the vast Poodle popularity in order to make a quick buck, often either buy their dogs in litters as early as they can be weaned or breed them in countless numbers, not concerning themselves with temperament, hereditary faults, health or quality.

If purchasing from a breeder, you should always ask about the bloodline’s health history, avoid pet stores, and absolutely never purchase an animal from the internet. Try not to separate pups from their mothers prior to 8 weeks, absolutely not before 4.

A Team of Poodles Braved the Iditarod!

Surprising Poodle Facts to Leave you Breathless!

When we think of the 1000 mile Alaskan Iditarod dog sled race, double-coated sturdy and energetic Alaskan Malamutes or Siberian Huskies come to mind; dogs bred for that very purpose- to pull a sled. Very few people imagine a team of 20 or so Poodles braving the harsh Alaskan tundra.

In 1988, a musher named John Suter entered the enormous race with a team composed completely of Poodles. As you’ve probably guessed, they didn’t perform very well; most had to be dropped off at checkpoints due to frozen feet and matted fur.

The poor choice of competitors led to a new rule: only northern breeds, such as the two above, may enter the race.

  • The two breeds mentioned above were conceived to happily tolerate inhuman temperatures; Siberian Huskies able to endure down to -40* Fahrenheit. Those animals were bred to eat, sleep and play in the snow; Poodles weren’t. You should never leave your Poodle out unsupervised for long periods, no matter how furry he is!
  • People scoffed heartily at the first team of Huskies to ever brave the tundra, much like they did with this ill-conceived team. Before then, only larger breeds, such as Alaskan Malamutes, would race.

To read more about this Poodle fact, check out an article written by The National Geographic!

These Guys are Extremely Intelligent.

Surprising Poodle Facts to Leave you Breathless!

Considered by most second to Border Collies in terms of intelligence, Poodles are perhaps the second smartest breed in the world today!

Professionals consider a wide range of factors when determining ‘dog smarts’, train-ability and memory recognition being two. In the case of most dogs, like the German Shepard and Border Collie, intelligence directly correlates with working purpose; these two were herding breeds. In fact, the majority of breeds considered to be among the smartest in the world were bred to herd. They had to perform tasks many humans would find all but impossible.

Poodles, like Labradors, weren’t bred to heard anything (both breeds conceived for similar tasks, and both highly intelligent). So, why did they need to be so smart?

  •  Are you looking for more cool Poodle facts? Check out the video below!

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"Horace started training bird dogs when he was eight years old. He once trained a boxer to point quail. It was the talk of the neighborhood. In his teen years he trained pointers and Irish Setters. He took an interest in Greyhounds and became very active in training these special animals and has been active in Greyhound adoption."