Five Fun Facts about French Bulldogs

Are you thinking of purchasing a French bulldog, or do you already own one? Believe it or not, we have a few Frenchie facts even the most devoted owners probably don’t know!

These may come as a sensational surprise to even the most avid dog lover!

French Bulldogs Didn’t Come From France


Hailing from the city of Nottingham, England, the ‘French’ bulldog actually has very English origins! Actually created to be a miniature form of the already popular English Bulldog at a time when breeders were experimenting with various Bulldog crosses, this little fellow once served as an excellent ‘ratter’.

From that point on, France was known as the dog’s adopted country!

  • At the Frenchies’ very first Westminster showing in the 1890’s, both the ‘rose eared’ and ‘bat eared’ types were presented, but the judges only permitted the ‘rose eared’ type to be shown. This infuriated American fanciers, driving them to quickly create the ‘French Bulldog Club of America’, setting the breed standard to only allow the ‘bat eared’ type.

Lace Workers Brought them to France


These little dogs became very popular among English lace workers; the pet was in high demand. Once the Industrial Revolution hit France, many workers fled in hopes of landing better prospects where their skills were in higher demand. Of course they brought their pets along with them. Thus, the ‘French’ Bulldogs’ popularity quickly grew, easily outmatching its’ original English fame.

Although not everyone who fled England was a lace worker, they are known for carrying over their adorable little bulldogs.

They Don’t Swim Well


Like English bulldogs, and most brachycephalic (large head) breeds in general, French Bulldogs can’t swim and shouldn’t be allowed near large bodies of water unsupervised. Of course, they may not realize this, and try to swim anyway; many variations of Frenchie sized life jackets can be purchased for this reason.

Are you planning a trip to the lake, or simply out for a venture at the pool? Tread with care; many a Frenchie has ended in tragedy amid the blue depths. If you don’t want your little buddy to feel left out, consider purchasing a life jacket!

    • Make sure your Frenchie is well supervised around water!

Many are Born through Artificial Insemination


These guys often have a little trouble reproducing due to their unusual proportions; assistance tends to be required. Males tend to have some difficulty reaching the females to ‘get things going’.

Though this does raise the price of pups, it also allows breeders to check for any potential problems.

  • Both English Bulldogs and French Bulldogs often give birth through cesarean section! this lowers stress, and helps prevent future health complications.

They Have Two Different Styles of Ears


The ‘bat-ear’ style is known by just about every French Bulldog enthusiast in the world now, but this wasn’t their original form. Like their larger relative, the English Bulldog, their ears were originally rose shaped. American breeders, on the other hand, preferred the ‘bat ear’ shape.

The rest is, as they say, history!

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