Five Fabulous Facts For Fans of Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkshire Terrier
Yorkie playing in the brush

Are you a fan of Yorkshire Terriers? In that case, read ahead and learn about a few interesting Yorkie facts even the most avid dog enthusiast probably doesn’t know!

Yorkies are  Pretty Good Exterminators


Chasing rodents in the many factories of Northern England, where they are believed to have originated, these dogs were bred for the same purpose many other toy breeds were: to catch rats (specifically for the working class, in this case).

Today, these guys are bred slightly smaller, usually owned as pets and seldom used for chasing vermin like their ancestors of old.

They Once Went by a Different Name


For the first few years of its’ luxurious life, this breed was called the ‘Broken Haired Scotch Terrier’, ‘Broken Haired Toy Terrier’, or simply ‘Toy Terrier’. To honor the place where this little fellow began, the name ‘Yorkshire Terrier’ was adopted by the 1970’s.

  • Yorkshire is a historic county in northern England, known for its Roman and Viking heritage!

They Have Hair, not Fur


Yorkies are considered a ‘Hypoallergenic’ breed of dog because they have hair similar to a human’s rather than dog fur; they don’t shed like other dogs, and don’t carry as many allergens.

Because their coats are similar to human hair, they tend to tangle in knots if not brushed and groomed daily. However, they don’t have an undercoat, so these little fellows don’t ‘shed’ to the extent other dogs do.

This also works two fold; Yorkies weren’t meant to flourish in cold temperatures. Due to their lack of fur and small body size, these guys shouldn’t be left out in the cold for very long at all.

One Was a World War II Hero


During World War II, an American soldier fighting in the Pacific theater found a Yorkshire Terrier puppy lost in a foxhole. As the legend goes, he named his pup Smokey, who went on to become an American war hero.

One of the very first therapy dogs, Smokys’ first tasks involved visiting injured soldiers, but that wasn’t it. She soon advanced to much more impressive work, helping string communication lines in the Philippines. She even became the mascot of the Southwest Pacific Theater of Operations.

After the war, Smokey and her owner traveled the country, doing interviews and television shows.

Though Smokey passed in 1957, a statue in Cleveland, Ohio, stands to immortalize her for years to come!

Many Can Sneeze… in Reverse!


Believe it or not, Yorkies are prone to a condition called ‘Pharyngeal Gag Reflex’, or ‘reverse’ sneezing. Rather than pushing the air out of their little noses like a standard sneeze, these little fellas will gasp for air, making a ‘honking’ noise like a goose!

Though these noises can be a bit disconcerting, they are ultimately harmless and will pass after a few seconds. They’re normally brought about by irritants in the air, such as pollen, dust, cleaners, and perfumes.

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