Does Your Dog Eat Mud? Find Out The Reasons

Dog Eating Mud

You know that your pet dog would eat just about anything because they have such great appetites but you would still ensure that the beloved pet is given nutritious foods. Dogs are well loved pets and some owners would even go to the extent of providing the pet with home cooked meals. Dogs though have some bizarre habits. Pet dogs don’t go hungry but these animals will give in to the innate urge to ingest inedible objects. Your dog would not only eat spoiled food but the pet would feast on feces too Did you know that dogs eat mud too?

Digging like barking is a natural behavior of dogs. We know that dogs have very sensitive sense of smell. Being a dog owner you would know that your pet has a high level of intelligence. Days after burying their “treasures” a dog will still know where to dig. Pet dogs don’t go hungry but once they have dug a bone, the dirt and the mud will be ingested as well. Dog right from they were puppies bite everything around to satisfy their curiosity. It is believed that dogs have acquired a taste for eating mud and other non-edible objects and substances. A dog’s mud eating habit can be due to other reasons too.
Dogs not only have weird habits, they also have an uncanny ability to know what is wrong with their system and mud eating is believed to be the dog’s cure for upset stomach and worm infestation. Dogs tend to eat just about everything around and would eventually suffer from stomach upsets. Eating feces is a major cause of worm infestation. Eating mud is as well attributed to the dog’s effort to fill up a nutritional deficiency that is caused when dog owners feed the pet with low quality commercial food that contains more cereal fillers.

Mud eating can be due to a medical concern. A dog with maldigestive or malabsorptive disorders would not benefit from the nutrients of the eaten food. This means that the body will still be nutrient deficient in spite of the nutritious foods provided by the owner. As mentioned, dogs have the ability to correct what is wrong with the system and in this case the dog would eat mud.

Dogs would always want to have the attention of the family because these are social animals. If attention is not given the dog will try to get the attention of the family. Boredom would make a dog destructive and the owner should be thankful of the less destructive habit of eating mud rather than be made to deal with the destruction on belongings created by the pet.

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