Citronella Anti Dog Bark Collar Review

Electronic bark collar Review

Citronella anti bark collar releases  mist to your dog’s nose anytime your dog barks excessively. It is not harmful to your pet but your dog will not like the smell, she will hate it.
Most of the citronella anti bark collars uses a vibration and sound probe to find out the difference between the dog’s bark and outside noises in order to make sure that the collar sprays citronella only when the dog barks uncontrollably. Here are some useful and well-working citronella bark collars in solving dog barking problem.

The Gentle Spray Citronella Anti-Bark Collar

This Gentle Spray citronella bark collar is used with any breed of dog. Your dog should be at least six months old and weigh more than six pounds. In case your dog is a small or younger one, you must first check with a veterinarian. The collar works very well for solving general nuisance barking, whether indoors or outdoors. The Gentle Spray citronella anti bark collar kit includes one gentle spray citronella anti-bark unit, one adjustable nylon collar, one citronella spray refill, two 6 volt batteries and a detailed instruction manual.

Innotek Citronella Anti-Bark Collar

It’s believed that Innotek citronella anti bark collar is a humane, painless and effective dog training device. It is proven twice as effective as any kinds of shock collar. This collar is the only anti bark collar recommended by most of the leading animal training experts. The collar works very good for your dog no matter the size of the dog. Best of all, the Innotek citronella anti bark collar is very user friendly. I believe that you will satisfy once you use this best citronella bark collar to train your dog.

PetSafe Deluxe Citronella Anti-Bark Spray Collar

This collar is not only effective for small breeds of dogs but also works perfectly for large breeds of dogs. It is safe, stain free and environmentally friendly. The collar operates on one 3 volt CR2 battery, which will be included in the Petsafe bark collar kit. It’s recommended that you should read throughout the operating guide to make sure you set up the collar right. Doing so will help you get the results you want in terms of stopping the dog’s nuisance barking. Last but not least, you should not use a citronella anti bark collar if your dog has got a high-pitched yip instead of a bark. The reason is that the collar will not be able to detect high frequencies and so will not work as it should be. Another case you should not use the anti bark collar is when the dog acts actually crazy and will not respond to any command you give. In this scenario, you have to find someone who is good at the animal, especially dog, behavior counseling.And you also should not use a citronella anti bark collar if your dog is “hard” (for example a puller, dominant, strong), as the spray is not enough to stop the dog’s barking. In this case, you are better of using an electronic anti bark collar. The electronic bark collar usually has got multiple levels of correction, so if your dog ignores the first corrective signal from the collar, it will automatically up the level of correction till the dog stops barking.

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