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How To

How To

Handling your dog can be frustrating at times, especially if you are a new pet owner. This section has simple 'How To' tips to help you.

Choosing A Dog

How To Choose The Breed, Gender & Other Factors While Buying A Dog

Most of us buy dogs for the craze we have for them. Some of us want a true companion, a friend or a loyal servant depending on our moods and needs. If you have...
Excessive Barking of Poodles

How To Control Constant Barking in Poodles

Constant barking is a problem many poodle owners face. Dogs bark for many reasons. Genetic and environmental factors influence when, where, and how easily a dog barks. Poodles of all sizes have watch dog...
Dog Chewing

Save Your Slippers! How to Keep Your Puppy from Chewing on Your Belongings

Taking Care of Your Dog Puppies enjoy chewing on just about anything they can sink their little teeth into. Chewing is a normal and healthy aspect of a puppy’s development. Puppies chew to eat but...
Stop Bulldog Chewing

Stop Bulldog Chewing – Important Tips

Owners of Bulldogs that exhibit excessive chewing behavior become extremely frustrated as they watch their belongings being chewed up bit by bit. This can be a huge problem, and many Bulldog owners ask me...
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