Caring For Your Old Dogs

Caring For Your Old Dogs

All living things grow old. Unlike humans, dogs only have short lifespan. It is sad for dog owners to watch their dogs grow old and suffer from different diseases due to old age.We, as dog owners are responsible of taking care of them even if our dog pets are no longer cute and cuddly. Old dogs need much more attention than younger dogs.

As dogs become older, the develop different diseases. These diseases are sometimes caused by their lifestyle and diet. This becomes tedious for the part of the dog owners.

When your dog is already seven years of age, you will see some symptoms of age- related health problems. Larger dogs are more prone to this kind of problems. Most often, older dogs suffer from skeletal problems like on their bones and on their joint. Their internal organs like their kidneys and liver are also starting to malfunction. Their sensing organs are also becoming weak and dental problems also occur. Their teeth becomes darker and their gums also start to rot. The beauty of their skin and coat also fades and their metabolism start to slow down.

You will also observe that when an old dog becomes ill, his recovery is slow compared to the younger ones. Their recuperating power and resistance weakens. In dealing with these problems, using homeopathic treatments are more effective compared to conventional antibiotic medicines.

Old dogs are very vulnerable to diseases, this is because their immune systems weakens so if you think your dog is suffering from any ailments, you should act immediately before it becomes too late. A simple diseases may become more serious that will cause your dog’s death. It is advised that you use natural remedies in treating your dog’s health problems. There are lots of herbal medicines that you can find on the market or even in your backyard that can help treat your sick old dog. These natural remedies will not only help treat your dog but also these natural remedies will help boost your dog’s resistance and immune system.

Here are some herbal medicines that could help you:

Aloe vera are very common. You can see them almost everywhere. Studies show that aloe vera are effective in treating wounds and cuts. To use aloe vera, you just have to cut its leaf and apply directly on the wound or cut.

If your dog is suffering from arthritis, then use burdock. This plant is also effective in treating liver and kidney problems. Burdock is also effective in treating skin diseases like eczema and there lots of research that show burdock effectiveness in in cleaning blood, thus, flushing out toxins and dirt from your dogs body.

Older dogs are also prone to may skin diseases, so if you already observe the symptoms of a skin disease to your dog, use Calendula. It will cure your dog’s skin problems and irritation.

Indeed, taking care of older dogs is very tedious. However, just remember that they have been part of your life and they made you happy once in your life.

"Horace started training bird dogs when he was eight years old. He once trained a boxer to point quail. It was the talk of the neighborhood. In his teen years he trained pointers and Irish Setters. He took an interest in Greyhounds and became very active in training these special animals and has been active in Greyhound adoption."